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The View from 101 York – June 2015

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LW Reedy has been serving the Elmhurst community and surrounding areas since 1951. As the largest locally-owned real estate agency in Elmhurst, we have a passion for local news and events. Here’s our view of the community for this month, from our perch at 101 York in the heart of downtown Elmhurst. June 3, through […]

A Walk on the Shade Street in North Graue Woods

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Today’s subdivision has to be the smallest one in Elmhurst. With just three streets intersecting North Avenue, just east of Route 83, North Graue Woods has the most eclectic selection of homes in Elmhurst. Starter homes built in the early 1930s have given way to some of the larger homes Elmhurst has become famous for. […]

Your Grass Will Be Greener

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Warm weather is finally here and your yard is crying for a little attention. Here are some tips for making your yard happy, while still giving you a little time for an afternoon in the hammock. Before you even go outside, get your tools cleaned up and sharpened. No one wants to get motivated to […]