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15 Tips for Downsizing

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As our kids grow up and move off to their own homes, many of us find that we want a little less house. Sometimes we want to save money. Sometimes we are looking for less stairs to climb. Sometimes we’re trying to lessen our environmental footprint by spending a little less money heating or cooling […]

Let It Go, Let It Go … Clearing Out Your Home without Filling Up Your Trash

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Whether you’re preparing for a move, gearing up for spring cleaning or a recent fan of Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, clearing out creates a problem of it’s own. Where do all those old items go? Without Harry Potter’s ability to make things disappear, finding a way to rid ourselves of the piles of discarded […]

Relocation Tips

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You just got the word. You’re being transferred to the Chicago office. You and your family currently live in a suburb in another state, and you want to maintain that suburban lifestyle for your family. How do you decide which Chicago suburb is the right one for you? At LW Reedy, we encourage our relocation […]