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Don’t let the neighbors catch you recycling pizza boxes!

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Why? Because, believe it or not, you can’t recycle pizza boxes. Despite the common belief that all cardboard can be recycled, it turns out that those of us who have been diligently recycling our Friday night Roberto’s or Armand’s boxes are actually creating more work for the recycling company. Here’s why: any food or food products, […]

Elmhurst Celebrates Earth Day

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Planting a tree? Using your feet instead of your car? Taking plastic bags to recycling? What are you doing to help the Earth on Earth Day? LW Reedy is pleased to share how some Elmhurst organizations celebrate the Earth on Earth Day and all year round. The Elmhurst College Greenjay group is made up of students […]

Spring Clean-Up!

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Long-time Elmhurst residents know the annual spring clean-up ritual well. Cleaning out garages and basements. The slow build up of random pieces of furniture, toys and more on the parkways in front of Elmhurst homes. As residents prepare to observe the annual event, LW Reedy would like to offer additional options for recycling unwanted items […]