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Home Is Where the Art Is Phase 2: Iconic Homes from Your Favorite TV Shows

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“A light is waiting to carry you home.”

Full House Theme Song Lyrics by Jesse Frederick and Bennett Salvay

For the past few months, a drum set, guitars and other musical instruments have been featured in the front window at L.W. Reedy as part of our Home Is Where the Art Is campaign. Along with our musical instrument display, we featured song lyrics that have brought us home over the years. This weekend, the instruments will be returned to their musician owners. Soon they will be replaced by our next feature: iconic homes from your favorite tv shows. But let’s throw a little twist into it this time: can you identify which tv show each home was featured in? Stop by our window next week to test your tv home knowledge.

With more than 66 years helping people find homes, we at L.W. Reedy know that every person’s concept of home is different. We also know everyone has emotions attached to their concept of home, however different those emotions may be.

Homes are often the biggest investment people make in their lifetimes. The reason behind that is simple: your house is your home, your security, your comfort. There’s more to it than good schools and proximity to work. When searching for a home, you imagine family dinners, warm fires, cozy beds, laughter and parties.

As Realtors, we see this passion everyday in our clients. We also see it in popular culture. From rock ‘n roll to movies to literature, we’ve read, heard and seen homages to homes throughout history.

L.W. Reedy is exploring the influence the idea of home has had on pop culture: from Simon and Garfunkel’s classic “Homeward Bound” to Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House on the Prairie to Tara, Scarlett O’Hara’s home in Gone with the Wind, the emotions our homes evoke is clear.  

Stop by our front window at 101 N York to see our display of the television genres’ salute to homes. Spot the homes that you’ve felt like you were a part of (or maybe glad you weren’t!) from television over the years. Share your favorite tv series home on Facebook with #HomeIsWhereTheArtIs. Keep an eye out for future exhibits featuring movies, literature and more.


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