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Larry Reedy Takes Over as President of LW Reedy

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L.W. Reedy is proud to announce that effective June 30, 2013, Leo Reedy stepped aside as President of L.W. Reedy, and his son, Larry, will be taking the reigns as new President. Larry is the 3rd generation of the Reedy family to run the agency. Lawrence William Reedy, Sr., Leo’s father and Larry’s grandfather, known as “the Old Pro,” founded L.W. Reedy Real Estate in 1951. L.W. Reedy’s first office, the “Pro Shop”, was located at Spring Road and Vallette Street in Elmhurst. Larry Sr.’s debonair fashion sense and flashy peach Lincoln Convertible drew attention around town, but his devotion to the community, like his tradition of giving silver dollar coins to York High School’s winning cross country team members, endeared him to the town.

Leo, along with his brothers Larry Jr. and Bill, took over the agency in the 1980s from Larry Sr.  Leo’s legacy will be growing the business, establishing L.W. Reedy as a major player in Chicagoland real estate, and navigating the “rough waters” of the recent economic times, all while maintaining the integrity and values instilled by his father. The June announcement is NOT a retirement announcement for Leo.  He continues to do what he loves – listing and selling homes, as he has for almost 50 years.  Leo says he is “moving over, not out!”

Reedy family members continue to be involved at L.W. Reedy Real Estate.  In addition to Larry, Leo’s brother, Dick, and Leo’s daughter, Laura Reedy Stukel, have been selling with L.W. Reedy for years.

Larry grew up in Elmhurst and met his wife, Gwendolyn, at Immaculate Conception High School.  The couple live in Elmhurst where they are raising their two daughters, Lily and Evelyn.  Since he started selling real estate in 2000, Larry has experienced and helped his father run the agency through a lifetime’s worth of real estate cycles: from the historically hot markets of 2002 to 2006, to the historic struggles of 2007 to 2011, to the current state of recovery.  Building on the foundation created by his grandfather and maintained and grown by his father, Larry supports L.W. Reedy agents and clients with great attention to current trends in real estate, constantly evolving and keeping up with the latest in technology and marketing.

Agents and clients will see a seamless transition due to Larry’s gradual transition to this role over the past 8 years and due to Karen Cookingham.  Karen has been the Managing Broker at L.W. Reedy for more than 13 years and is an invaluable leader and resource for the agents and also for Larry and Leo.  Both Larry and Karen are committed to maintaining L.W. Reedy’s integrity, values, and commitment to the community.

Leo and Larry relayed a poignant story of Larry Sr. to the office at their announcement. The Old Pro added “and sons” to his sign when his son, Larry Jr., started working with him. When asked what the “and sons” meant, Larry Sr. responded, in typical Irish humor, “not much.”  While he treasured and valued having his sons working with him, Larry Sr. also wanted to express that the “and sons” did not change the foundation he had laid.  His sons would uphold his values, integrity, and focus on community.

Larry’s new position represents a similar transition: Larry is dedicated to maintaining the foundation created by his grandfather and uncles and supported by Leo. In this vein, Larry intends to continue to use the most current and effective tools, technology, and resources for agents to support their clients, promoting Elmhurst and the surrounding communities as the best place to live in the Chicagoland area.

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    Such a nice story! Written so very well!

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