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Preventing Water Damage

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Repairing household damage created by water can be costly, time-consuming, and stressful. Fortunately, there are several easy steps you can take to prevent water damage in your home.

  • Educate yourself! Do you know where the shut-off to your water main is in your house? Locate it, practice turning it off and on, and show your adult family members where it is and how to use it.
  • Shut it off. Shut off your water when you leave on vacation.
  • Check for leaks. If you see a leak under your fridge, washing machine, dishwater or any appliance, deal with it right away. Avoiding timely repairs can end up creating a bigger, costlier issue.
  • Be alarmed! Get a water alarm/detector. Place near potential water leaks. For example, put one near your washing machine, sump pump or floor drain. Some will even send notifications to you by text or app to let you know when is water detected.
  • Inspect your bill. If you notice a rise in your water bill, don’t assume your rates have increased. It’s more likely that you have a leak somewhere.
  • If you notice basement seepage, you may have cracks in the foundation. Consider resealing the foundation.
  • Take care of your pipes. Use a drain snake instead of chemicals that can eat away at your pipes. Throw away and recycle grease instead of letting it go down the drain.
And Out
  • Keep your gutters clean. Schedule routine gutter cleanings. Beyond regular maintenance, check gutters regularly. If you notice a build-up of leaves or other vegetation on the lawn, they’re likely building up in your gutters as well. Consider installing gutter guards.
  • Take the high ground. Be sure water drains away from your home instead of toward it.
  • Seal it up. Are your windows properly caulked and sealed?
  • Check the roof. Does your roof have any missing, loose or damaged shingles?
  • Plant strategically. Check to be sure the roots of trees and other vegetation are not near water pipes.

Follow these few tips inside and out to avoid the expensive, time-consuming, stressful impact of water damage to your home.

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