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Setting the Stage

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When you walk into your home, you feel welcomed. You’re greeted by your style, your family photos, your world. But would a potential buyer have the same feeling walking into your home? Probably not. If you’re ready to put your home up for sale, you also need to be ready to adjust the way your home looks for potential buyers. You need to set the stage so that a potential buyer doesn’t see your style, your family, your world. They need to walk in the door and immediately begin to picture their family photos on the wall, their furniture in the room, their world appearing before their eyes.

Does this mean you need to remove all your family photos? That you need to empty your home of all your furniture? No. A set stage is very different from a blank slate. Here’s how to achieve the optimal balance between the two:

  • Get advice. We’ve been accompanying buyers into homes for over 65 years. We know what small touches and big changes can make a big difference in attracting buyers and getting the price you want for your home.
  • Hire a professional. We know the best of the best in this world. If the advice for staging overwhelms you, a professional stager can take over, providing just the right touches and taking the pressure and workload off your shoulders.

A few tips you may hear from your real estate agent and professional stager include:

  • If you’re moving out before your house is sold, furnish at least the main rooms. It’s easier for a potential buyer to picture the possibilities if a few pieces are laid out in a clean, simple way.
  • If you have low ceilings, add a few lengthening touches. For example, tall, narrow decorative pieces or window treatments hung from the celling rather than the window top can make a room appear to have a higher ceiling.
  • Start from the outside in. Be sure your lawn is cut, window boxes are filled and front porches are clear of clutter. Update simple items, like your house numbers and welcome mat. Leave your porch lights on at night for working families who do a drive by at night before deciding if they want to arrange a showing.
  • Add welcoming, homey touches like a book with a tea cup on a side table and a bowl of fresh fruit on a kitchen table.
  • Entice visitors to continue through the home by placing attractive artwork at the end of hallways and at the top of the stairs.
  • Turn the all-purpose room into a room with a purpose. Leaving the potential use of a room to the imagination of the buyer can backfire. Give them an idea. Give your all-purpose room purpose by turning it into to an office, guest bedroom or craft room.
  • Remember the small things. Before showings, empty all trashes, be sure fresh bars of soap are out in bathrooms, and be sure the kids’ toys are organized.

Setting the stage can make the difference between a quick in-and-out showing and a sale. L.W. Reedy goes beyond staging to ensure that your home sells quickly and at the price you want. Contact us today to learn more about staging your home and other ways to ensure that your home sells in the time period you want for the price you want.

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