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The Seasonal Swap: Closet Organization Tips

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As much as we don’t want to admit it, cooler weather is on its way. As Friday night football games and weekend bonfires become the norm, flip flops and swim trunks get packed away, and hoodies and sweaters begin to appear. For those of us with limited closet space, it is almost time for the big seasonal clothing swap. But before you drag the plastic bins up from the basement, let’s take a look at how our closets are organized. A few small adjustments can not only help us feel more organized and be more efficient but can  make our bedrooms look a little nicer, too. 

The Dearly Departed

Before you swap out for the change of season, cull through and get rid of anything you haven’t worn in the past year.

  • If you just can’t bear to part with that old Duran Duran concert t-shirt but recognize that it’s probably not going to make an appearance again until the next 80’s Halloween party, consider storing it and any other rarely-worn pieces with off-season clothing. Do not continue to allow those items to take up your precious closet space.
  • Before you start culling, grab three boxes or bags:
    • Items to give away. You can even donate your hole-y socks and underwear! Check with your charity to confirm. Many re-sell or distribute only a small portion of donated clothing to be worn again. The remainder of the items are sold or donated to clothing recycling centers, creating an additional income source for the charity. If your favorite place to donate clothing does not accept all items, check into UsAgain.
    • Items that need to be cleaned or repaired. This one goes straight to the car and does not go back into the house until it’s back from the dry cleaner or tailor!
    • Items to be stored for the season.

Think It Through

Decide how you’re going to organize. Color? Style? Occasion? How do you decide what you’re going to wear? If you decide you’re in a red mood and choose red clothing, organize by color. If you dress by occasion, separate your clothing into work, evening, and play.

Pants first? What order do you get dressed in? Order your clothing the same way. Whether it’s underwear, socks, pants, shirts, accessories, jackets, purses or some other order, organize by sequence.

Make It Easy

  • Use baskets that can slide out completely instead of drawers.
  • Use open pants hangers.
  • Hang shoes in a shoe hanger on the back of the door. If you put them on the floor or a shelf, stagger them so they take up less space.
  • Hang a towel rack in your closet ties or scarves. Cover with a rubber surface to keep ties and scarves from slipping off.
  • Hang belts on hooks.
  • If you have tall shelves, leave a stepladder in the closet.
  • Use an umbrella stand to hold unwieldy, taller items like yoga mats.
  • If your closet doors continually get in your way, consider replacing them with curtains or a screen.
  • Leave space in the closet for a laundry basket or hamper so your dirty clothing is tucked away.

This fall, as you lug the plastic bins up from the basement, take the time to get your closet organized. You’ll appreciate it when you know exactly where to find the belt that goes so nicely with your favorite dress shoes. And you’ll know exactly where to find your Duran Duran t-shirt when your daughter has to dress up for 80’s day at school!

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