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The Wheels on the Bus … Elmhurst Commuting and Transportation

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Elmhurst’s easy access to transportation attracts new residents who seek short commutes to work and convenient travel to nearby attractions and events.

Whether by train, bus, car, bike, or your own two feet, Elmhurst offers many convenient ways to get in, out and around town.

If By Train

Elmhurst Metra Station: 128 W. 1st Street (at York Road)
Digital schedule
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Daily routes to Oglivie Transportation Center (OTC): 27
Morning express routes to OTC: 3
Minutes to OTC on express route: 27
Minutes to OTC with all stops: 37
Number of train stations on the route: 18

If By Bus

Pace bus service: Four routes in and around Elmhurst

If By Car

Direct access to Interstate Highways I-290, I-294, and I-88.


FREE PARKING! There is plenty of free parking for visitors planning to stick around for 3 hours or less in Elmhurst.

This map, brought to you by the City of Elmhurst, shows you where you can park whether you’re here for a 2-hour movie or a 8-hour shift at work.

Sticking around for more than 3 hours? Here are your parking options:
Reserved permit parking ($35 monthly, $105 quarterly, $400 annually).

Daily-fee parking ($2 paid at pay stations on each deck, along the Metra Platform, at or at 630-581-2445).

Credit: City of Elmhurst

If By Bike or Foot

Many residential areas of Elmhurst are within easy walking or biking distance of the train station, Elmhurst City Center or other frequented business/entertainment areas like Spring Road or Vallette.

If By Trolley!

One unusual way for Elmhurst residents and visitors to get around town is the unique trolley. The trolley has six stops around Elmhurst, including one at York and Vallette.

Trolley Path

Don’t want to wait around for the trolley? Track it’s progress online!

By train, bus, car, bike, foot or even trolley: there are plenty of convenient ways to get around Elmhurst and to wherever you need to go, whether it’s down the street, into the city or on the other side of the globe.

Questions about commuter parking, train schedules or more? From our view at 101 York, we know all there is to know about Elmhurst and the surrounding communities, from transportation to the best houses on the market. Contact your LW Reedy agent to learn more.

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