The View from 101 York: September 2020

Dated: September 22 2020

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This month our View from 101 York, which typically contains a list of events in Elmhurst and the surrounding areas, continues to provide information about both in-person and virtual programming for kids, families, and adults. In this post, find out about SCUBA diving, a family Choose-Your-Own-Adventure, new Elmhurst Park District in-person and virtual activities and more.

Local COVID-19 Resources

Elmhurst Park District Goes Virtual

Early Childhood
Circle Time, Kitchen Math, the Letter Y, and more

Itty Bitty Ballerinas, Hip Hop, Belly Dancing for Adults, and more

Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced, and more

Courts Plus
Strength/Cardio Pyramid, Rep Challenge and more

Support Local Small Businesses

Elmhurst Park District Goes Live

Courts Plus Group Classes
Schedule & reservation

Courts Plus Pool
Lane reservation

Elmhurst Park District Dance
Poms, Hip Hop, Ballet, Tap and more

Elmhurst Park District Youth Sports
Baseball, Multi-sport and more

Things to Do: Sports, Music and More

Adults Nights Out ... Or In

The Great Pumpkin Glow
Lincoln Park Zoo
Thursday, October 29

Tannins Comes To You
Wine, beer, chocolates, charcuterie plates
Free delivery for orders of $50 or more

Pixar Trivia
Elmhurst Brewing Company
Thursday, Oct 1

SCUBA Diving
Hawaii, shipwrecks and more
Virtually, of course

Support Local Small Businesses

Family Fun

Lincoln Park Zoo
Reserve your one-way walk through the zoo

Bubbles Playground
Outdoor classroom and nature playground in Chicago
Private family rentals

Tank Park
Cantigny Park
Create Your Own Adventure

Support Local Small Businesses

Elmhurst Podcasters

Podcasts about Elmhurst or with Elmhurstian Hosts

Etown Lowdown
Insider interviews and feature stories highlighting the personalities, places and history of the fantastic city of Elmhurst, Illinois.

Storytime for Grownups
Stories have the power to inspire and change us; being read to stimulates our brains, expands our imaginations and is just plain fun. A podcast from Elmhurst Public Library.

Very Happy Stories: Healing with Liza Blas
Liza's stories, rooted in challenging topics like mental illness and Lyme disease, bring light out of darkness and provide empathy, validation, and inspiration to parents with similar struggles.

Zen Parenting Radio
Every podcast episode is a reminder to wake up to our lives; to be ever more mindful, self-aware, and compassionate in how we parent and how we treat ourselves and others. Conversations about spiritual growth, emotional intelligence and compassion.

What virtual and in-person activities have you come across that we're missing? Please share by commenting on our Facebook post or emailing us at

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