A Look Back at 2020 From Our View at 101 York

Dated: December 16 2020

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As we look back at 2020 from our view at 101 York, we thought it might be interesting to reflect on some of our articles from the year we are, gratefully, leaving behind. Did you see the post about property tax appeals? How about Off-Leash Fun for Our Canine Friends, linking you to information about local dog parks? From emergency resources to unique virtual events, our posts have covered the gamut this year. 

Pick up some quick tips about holiday decorating, including what to do with your holiday decorations (where should you put the live Christmas tree anyway!?) and about caring for hardwood floors on our blog. And while you might not be thinking about lounging poolside as the snow falls outside, you may want to revisit our article about outdoor seating ideas this spring.

One of our most popular posts, although it's not a fun topic to think about, is our very informative article about property tax notices and appeals. If you're considering renovations or moving, our posts about renovations that add value to your home and our tips for a stress-free move contain helpful advice. 

It's been quite a year to attempt to predict what's coming in the housing market. Our Market Update posts give us an opportunity to reflect on the previous months and consider how we expect the housing market to look in the months ahead. Our housing marketing updates from January, June, and October, along with our April Impact of Shelter at Home on Illinois Homeowners post, give you a good picture of the 2020 housing market. 

The LW Reedy Around Town series gives us a chance to celebrate and share some of the wonderful places and events we find right here in Elmhurst. Our December post provides great ideas for activities to get you outside this winter. While our guides for Halloween celebrations and the Turkey Trot won't be relevant again for months yet, you may find our dog park and preschool guides helpful resources in the coming months.

The Around Town series also allows us to share important information to help our community, like emergency resources for when you need help and ways you can help when you're able to. 

While in the past our View from 101 York posts would have outdated quickly due to coverage of current events in Elmhurst and the surrounding areas, the pandemic gave us an opportunity to share links to virtual resources that are more timeless. Check out some past View posts for great ideas from virtual painting classes and story times to virtual scuba diving and where to see replays of classic major league baseball games.

Our September View from 101 York was our most popular post of the year, covering virtual and in-person activities for kids (from gymnastics to swimming), family fun, and links to podcasts either about Elmhurst or brought to you by Elmhurst residents. 

One of our favorite posts this year was our virtual Virtual Grand Opening where we were able to welcome you to our newly remodeled offices. We can't wait to welcome you in person!

As we say goodbye to 2020 and eagerly welcome 2021, we wish you and your family health, peace and joy in the new year. If your new year plans include a move, please allow us to guide you as you sell your house and choose a new home. 

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