Drive-Thru Terror, Drive-In Horror, and More Ways to Safely Celebrate Halloween 2020

Dated: September 23 2020

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From trick-or-treating to costume parties, Halloween 2020 is not going to look like Halloweens of the past. 

LW Reedy's Around Town post shares:

  • Elmhurst 2020 Halloween news
  • Safe (according to CDC guidelines) and fun ways to celebrate Halloween this year
  • A list of virtual and in-person Halloween activities for all ages 

Elmhurst 2020 Halloween News

As of Thursday, Sept 24, the City of Elmhurst had not yet issued guidelines or information about trick-or-treating in Elmhurst for Halloween 2020. The most recent issue of the Front Porch issue guides readers to the city website for updated information.

Jim Grabowski, City Manager for Elmhurst, discussed Halloween during the September 21, 2020, Elmhurst city council meeting (approx 1:17 into the meeting):

"We have been talking with other communities to see what plans might be in store for them. And we heard today that the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) with the state will be coming out with guidelines in short order. I don’t know that any community has prohibited trick or treating. I think that would be darned near impossible. And so I think the best that we can do is come up with some guidelines for people on how to safely trick or treat. And so that’s what we’re looking forward to receiving from DCEO, and once we receive those we will disseminate them to the community."

Safe and Fun Halloween Celebrations

While we may be wearing a different kind of mask this Halloween than we usually wear, we can still celebrate the holiday in creative and unique ways. 

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) issued guidelines for low- and medium-risk activities along with activities to avoid. Please read the CDC guidelines to ensure that you're following them appropriately for your family's needs.

Many Halloween traditions, like carving and decorating pumpkins, can easily be part of a safe 2020 Halloween. The following activities fit into the CDC's list of low-risk Halloween activities as of Sept 23, 2020:

  • Carving and decorating pumpkins
  • Decorating your home
  • Taking a Halloween stroll to look at decorations
  • Going on a scavenger hunt to find (not take or touch) Halloween-themed items
  • Hosting a virtual Halloween costume contest
  • Hosting a Halloween movie night with your household or Netflix party with friends

Other Halloween traditions, like trick or treating, can be modified to be part of a safe 2020 Halloween. The following activities fit into the CDC's list of low-risk Halloween activities as of Sept 23, 2020:

  • Trick or treating according to local guidelines if approved by local authorities
  • Participating in a costume parade (outdoor, open-air, socially-distanced)
  • Attending a costume party with protective masks (outdoor, open-air, socially-distanced)
  • Walking through an open-air, one-way haunted forest while remaining socially distant (with more than six feet between people if screaming is likely)
  • Walking through an open-air, one-way pumpkin patch or apple orchard where hand sanitizer is used before touching pumpkins or apples (wear protective masks and remain socially distant)
  • Attending an outdoor, open-air movie night with social distancing (with even more than six feet between people if screaming is likely)

Check out CDC guidelines on hosting gatherings.

Current CDC guidelines suggest avoiding the following traditional Halloween activities:

  • Traditional trick-or-treating where kids go door-to-door
  • Trunk-or-treat events where treats are handed out from cars 
  • Indoor costume parties and haunted houses
  • Hayrides and tractor rides with people outside of your household

CDC TIP: Halloween costume masks do not replace protective masks. Consider replacing your costume's mask with a Halloween-themed protective mask. 

Virtual and In-Person Halloween Activities

As you and your family plan for this unusual Halloween, consider some of these in-person and virtual events. 

In-Person Celebrations

Terror in the Timbers
Drive-thru Terror
Camp Big Timber, Elgin
Oct 2 - 31 (check website for tickets)

31 Nights of Terror at the Drive-In
Drive-In Horror Movies
Music Box Theatre/Chi-Town Movies Drive-In, Chicago
Oct 1 - 31

A Nightmare at West Main
a Haunted Hike
Batavia Park District
Oct 16 and 23

Fall Mum Show
Wilder Park Conservatory, Elmhurst
Oct 31 to Nov 29

Virtual Fun

Edgar Allen Poe: Spooky Stories from the Schoolhouse
Readings of Poe's scariest works
Elmhurst History Museum
Sat, Oct 23 to Nov 30

Pumpkins, Songs & Stories
Family storytime for little ones
Elmhurst Public Library
Oct 31

Edmonton Corn Maze
Google Earth Version of Corn Maze

Virtual Pumpkin Carving

Virtual Ghost Walk
Pleasanton, CA Virtual Ghost Walk
Check website for dates and tickets

The LW Reedy family wishes you and your family a safe and happy Halloween. If you and your family are considering buying or selling a home, contact your local LW Reedy Real Estate Agent. We're always happy to chat about real estate. 

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