Great Gifts for New Neighbors

Dated: September 22 2021

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Greeting new neighbors to the block with a gift is a time-honored tradition that helps build a sense of community in the neighborhood. While a bottle of wine or home-baked cookies are always well-received, you may also want to consider these unique suggestions provided by our real estate agents, a group of people very experienced in welcoming people to their new homes. 

Pro Tip: Ask if anyone in the household has food or scent allergies before choosing your welcome gift

Introduce Local

Whether your new neighbors are from out-of-state or moved down the block, gifts that introduce your new neighbors to your favorite establishments have the added benefit of supporting local businesses. 

  • Restaurants. Consider a gift card or two to your local favorites along with an email with links to your favorites for various cuisines - pizza, sushi, steak, and more.
  • Wine. Step up this traditional welcome gift by purchasing a wine from a local business and including a gift card or other treats unique to the wine shop. 
  • Coffee. Include gift cards from several local coffee shops in a mug from a local gift shop. 
  • Plants. Select a perennial that survives well in your area and include information about your favorite local florists, gardening stores, and mowing services/landscapers.
  • The arts. Give a membership to a local museum or tickets to an upcoming performance and email a list of local museums and arts groups they can follow. 
  • Treats. Put together a gift basket with yummy treats from bakeries, cupcake stores, candy shops, and more. 
  • Sample Basket. Create a basket with treats from various local shops, like some fudge from a candy store, a bottle of wine from a wine shop, a cupcake from a bakery, and hand lotion from a spa, and wrap it all up in a basket from a local gift shop. Include a list of more of your favorite establishments. 

Ease the Stress of Moving Day  

Providing a few necessities or some welcome comfort food can make moving day easier for your new neighbors. 

  • Cookies. Everyone loves home-baked treats like cookies. Consider bringing a plate of warm cookies or some other home-baked goods along with a recipe and some frozen, homemade cookie dough so they can easily make another batch without the mess. 
  • Movie night. After a long day of moving, your new neighbors might appreciate a popcorn container filled with movie treats like microwave popcorn, movie candy, and bottles of water. To bring in more introduction to local establishments, consider adding a gift card to the local movie theatre. 
  • Moving day necessities. Welcome new neighbors on moving day with a gift basket filled with paper towels, travel-size toiletries, nice-smelling hand soaps, and a scented candle. 
  • Hardware store items. Save your new neighbors a trip to the local hardware store with a basket filled with items like Goo Gone, felt pads for placing under furniture, cleaning wipes, magic erasers, trash bags, microfiber cleaning cloths, air freshener, or adhesive-applied hooks. Consider adding a gift card to your favorite local hardware store. 

Give the Gift of Information

While gift baskets and gift cards are always well-received, sometimes information can be the best gift of all. If you know something about your new neighbors, like the ages of their children or if they have a dog or enjoy music, you can create a tailor-made list of information they might appreciate most of all. 

  • Block map. Create a map of the block that has the names of the families that live in each home along with the names and ages of the children in each house. Add in a phone number and email address for each household. Get permission from your neighbors before providing information about their family to new neighbors. 
  • Info for families with small children. Create a digital list of local establishments that parents of young children might need. Include links to a preschool guide (like the LW Reedy preschool guide for Elmhurst), the local library's storytime schedule, your favorite park district classes for little ones, and even healthcare options like a pediatrician and pediatric dentist. 
  • Music connections. If your new neighbors are music lovers, put together a list of places where they can see live music, purchase instrument supplies, and take music lessons. 
  • Pub crawl or wine tastings. Share a list of your favorite wine shops and brewpubs. 
  • Places for dog lovers. Include your veterinarian, dog groomer, doggie daycare/kennel, dog parks, and local pet supply stores. 

Regardless of the gift you choose to bring to your new neighbors, simply greeting them and introducing yourself and your family can help them feel welcome and more comfortable in their new home. 

Are you ready to make a move to a new home? Your LW Reedy agents are here to help. Contact us today to discuss buying or selling a home or any other questions you may have about homeownership. 


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