Home Care 101: Holiday Decorating Tips

Dated: November 13 2020

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With families across the world managing the pandemic, this holiday season is going to look a little different. A touch of holiday cheer can help us celebrate the holidays, near or far. Here are a few holiday decorating tips from your friends at LW Reedy. 

Christmas Tree Lights

If you celebrate Christmas and haven’t tangled with tree lights, you either haven’t put up a Christmas tree or you have invested in one that comes pre-lit. Here are some tips for adorning your tree with lights in an easier, more beautiful way. 

  • While you may already plug lights in before stringing them so you can recycle any broken lights, we’ve learned that keeping them plugged in while stringing them can help to avoid dark spots in the tree. 
  • Circling around the Christmas tree works for presents, tree skirts, and trains, but not for lights. By stringing the lights up and down instead of around and around, the lights are easier to remove when you’re ready to take the tree down. 
  • Starting at the bottom of the tree and working your way back and then up helps create a more three-dimensional look, as if the tree is lit from the inside.

Photo Credit: Shutterfly

Holiday Card Display

Holiday cards can quickly pile up and turn into a mess instead of an opportunity for a beautiful decoration that allows you to enjoy your friends and family over the course of the holidays rather than just when you open the card. Here are a few fun ways to display your cards. 

  • Hang a ribbon, twine, or similar material across a flat wall. Clip cards to the ribbon with paperclips, clothespins, or binder clips. 
  • Hang garland along your staircase or a door frame, and clip the cards to the staircase, as seen in the photo above in a card display article from Shutterfly. 
  • Looking for an even simpler solution? Display your cards in a festive basket or platter. 

Safety Tips

Don’t be Clark Grizwald when you plug in your outdoor lights this holiday season! Here are some tips for safe decorating:

  • If you have a live tree, your number one priority is to keep that tree hydrated. Keep live trees away from heat sources, including fireplaces and heaters. Keep a fire extinguisher near your tree. 
  • Turn off all holiday lights before you go to bed and before you leave the house. 
  • Keep poinsettias out of reach of kids and pets. They are poisonous. 
  • Use hooks or insulated staples rather than nails or tacks to avoid damaging cords when hanging lights outside. Check for cord safety if using old lights; regulations have changed in recent years. Tape or tack down cords that could be tripping hazards.

It's a Wrap

When it’s a wrap on the winter holidays, clean up can be a bear. Here are some tips on cleaning up right. 

  • Check out the City of Elmhurst’s Holiday Recycling Checklist for tips on what goes in the recycling bin versus the trash and what to do with special items like Christmas trees (hint - next to the bin, not in it!). 
  • Most cities and towns collect used holiday lights for recycling. Check with your local city office for more information. 
  • Before you take down a live tree, place a tarp underneath it to collect dry needles that will fall off. This makes clean up much easier. Another hint: do not vacuum up the needles! This can damage your vacuum. Use a broom.
  • Most cities and towns collect live trees directly from your curb. Ask your city if these trees are recycled; many reuse disposed of trees for mulch. If not, check out Earth911’s recycling guide to find out where and how to recycle your tree. 

We hope these holiday decor tips bring a little extra cheer and safety to your family this holiday season. Happy holidays to you all, from your friends at LW Reedy. 

At LW Reedy, we care about your family and your home. If you have any questions about caring for your home or are considering buying or selling a home, contact your LW Reedy Realtor today. Do you have ideas for our Home Care 101 series? Email us at info@lwreedy.com or message us through Facebook. 

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