Peach convertibles, silver dollar coins, and seventy years ...

Dated: April 8 2021

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We wonder … did the Old Pro, when driving down York in his flashy peach Lincoln convertible, dream that someday the real estate agency he founded in 1951 would be run by one of his grandsons? That this very agency, 70 years after he launched it, would bring together a family of over 90 real estate agents? That a poster in the window could boast of 8 years as a Chicago Agent Magazine Top 20 Brokerage in DuPage County?

We wonder if, when handing out silver dollar coins to York High School’s winning cross country team members, he envisioned his agency’s continued dedication to the community. We think he’d be pleased to know that we hand out hot cocoa during the annual Turkey Trot fundraiser and toss candy to children during the annual St Patrick’s Day parade.

He’d be proud to know that in the last decade alone our team of over 90+ agents has helped buyers and sellers on more than 3,000 transactions for over $1 billion in transaction volume. He’d be pleased as punch to see how the real estate agency he founded has grown. 

While we know he’d love seeing the success of our agents, we think his greatest joy would come from learning about the many families LW Reedy has helped to find their dream homes and sell homes in record time with desired sales prices.

We know he’d get a kick out of the Old Pro bobblehead awards we give out to our agents each year: “The Poppie!

Most of all, we think our Old Pro would be proud to know that, 70 years later, LW Reedy sits right at the heart of town, right where it belongs.

On behalf of the entire LW Reedy crew, and the Old Pro, we thank all our clients and community for being a part of LW Reedy and look forward to helping you in the future.

Happy 70th anniversary, Poppie. We hope we did you proud.

Do you have any memories of the Old Pro or LW Reedy from over the years? Please share with us on our Facebook post or email us at

Become a part of our next seventy years. Contact your LW Reedy real estate agent today to learn more about buying or selling a home in the Chicagoland area. 

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