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Dated: May 24 2021

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Elmhurst Area Parks

Elmhurst's parks are well-known for being inviting, safe, clean and family-friendly. While you may be familiar with parks in your community, you may not be aware of all of the amenities of all the parks in Elmhurst. In this guide, you may discover some fun details you didn't know about parks in Elmhurst and the surrounding areas. 

The Elmhurst Park District website is a wealth of information about all of the parks in Elmhurst. The parks page of the website contains a map showing where each park is as well as a link to more information about each park, including all the various kinds of playground equipment, like rock climbers and roller slides, located at any park that has a playground. Each specific park page also includes information about events and activities, like Touch a Truck and Kite Fest, held at that park. 

Here are a few special features you can find at our local parks:

Ball Diamonds
Ben Allison, Berens (lighted), Butterfield, Crestview, East End, Marjorie Davis Park, Plunkett Park, Salt Creek Park, Van Voorst Park, Washington Park, York Commons

Batting Cages
Plunkett Park, Salt Creek Park

Basketball Courts
Berens, Crestview, East End (lighted), Eldridge Park, Marjorie Davis Park, Pioneer Park, Plunkett Park, Washington Park

Bocce Ball Court
Marjorie Davis Park

Butterfly Garden
Marjorie Davis Park, Eldridge Park, Wilder Park

Chess Game Tables
Marjorie Davis Park

Concession Stands
East End, Plunkett Park, Berens

Horseshoe Pits
Salt Creek Park

Lacrosse Field

Berens (named after State Representative Lee A. Daniels)

Pesticide-free Park
Van Voorst Park

Pickleball Court
Butterfield, Crestview, East End

Picnic Area
Berens, Butterfield, Salt Creek Park

Picnic Tables
Ben Allison, Crestview, Glos Memorial Park, Jaycee Tot Lot, Pioneer Park, Plunkett Park, Salt Creek Park, Van Voorst Park, Washington Park

Running Trails
Berens, Butterfield, Prairie Path, Maple Trail Woods, Marjorie Davis Park, Plunkett Park, Salt Creek Greenway Trail, Wilder Park

Sled Hills
Ben Allison, Berens, Crestview, Eldridge 

Soccer Fields
Berens, Butterfield, Crestview, East End, Eldridge Park, Golden Meadows Park, Marjorie Davis Park, Pioneer Park, Salt Creek Park, Van Voorst Park, Washington Park, Wilder Park, York Commons

Sunbeams & Rainbows Preschool
Butterfield, Crestview

Swimming Pools
East End, York Commons

Tennis Courts
all have tennis ball recycling
Berens , Butterfield (lighted), East End (lighted), Eldridge Park, Wilder Park

York Commons
Skate Park

A few parks with a few special features:


  • Football fields
  • Mini-Golf
  • Spray Ground
  • Sand Volleyball Courts

Butterfield Park is home to the Elmhurst Park District's Playground for Everyone, an inclusive playground aceessible for children of all abilities. 


  • Canoe Launch
  • Ice Skating
  • Lagoon
  • Roller Hockey Court

Wild Meadows Trace

  • 9/11 Memorial
  • Bicentennial Fountain
  • The Depot park district program facility
  • Safety Town educational facility


  • Conservatory
  • Veteran's Memorial
  • Wilder Mansion

Mostly Green (no playground equipment)

  • Centennial Park
  • Elmhurst Great Western Prairie, the oldest living environment in Elmhurst
  • Glos Memorial Park
  • Golden Meadows Park
  • Kiwanis Park
  • Maple Trail Woods
  • Sleepy Hollow
  • Wild Meadows Park

Little Bits of History

  • Ben Allison Park was originally named Scott Street Park and was renamed for former mayor Ben Allison (1957-61) in 1964. 
  • Berens Park was originally named Armitage Avenue Park and was renamed in 1967 in honor of Elmhurst Historical Commission founder and local author/historian Helmut Berens. 
  • Crestview was originally named after the school that was on the property previously, Crestview School.
  • Marjorie Davis Park was named after Marjorie Davis, a beloved teacher at Roosevelt School, the school that was originally on this property. 

One way you can help take care of Elmhurst's parks is by participating in the Adopt a Park program. Be sure to get out and enjoy all our local parks and their special amenities. 

For more information about Elmhurst's parks, Elmhurst or the surrounding communities, or buying or selling homes, contact your LW Reedy real estate agent. 

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